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Clearacor is an NSF Certified drinking water treatment. It is a powerful oxidized chlorine that is precisely engineered to remove organic and inorganic deposits. These materials naturally cause scale build up inside the water distribution system. Clearacor has a unique oxidizing ability that allows it to penetrate and remove the layers of biofilm, slime and mineral scales such as calcium, iron and manganese.


Biofilm and slime can cause many challenges to the drinking system including leaky and sticky drinkers, but the most concerning challenge is from what this type of scale could contain. Biofilm and slime are made up of microorganisms that stick together. These kinds of scales can consist of disease causing microorganisms that contribute to poor health and or increased mortality. Clearacor is effective at disrupting this scale and peeling the layers off, therefore limiting the ability for bacteria to reproduce and thrive.


Mineral scale build up can cause drinkers to leak or stick. This may disrupt the proper function of the drinker to provide a consistent flow of water to the bird. The leaky drinkers may also contribute to wet litter. Clearacor is effective at disrupting the mechanism that holds the mineral scale together and therefore keeps the system working as designed.



The water distribution system was challenged with excessive biofilm and iron scale build up, causing water availability concerns. Further analysis was completed on the water and it was determined that there was a very high load of Microbial Equivalents (ME), which estimates total microbial occurrence suspended in water. There was also a high level of fluorescent compounds present, which represents the total presence of microbial produced compounds and decaying organic matter in the water. The water system was being treated with an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) unit. The unit was turned off by the customer and they started using chlorine to try to over- come the problem. The Free Available Chlorine (FAC) could not make it through the system due to the excessive buildup of biofilm/mineral scale. Also, chlorine could not clean out the excessive buildup that was causing the problem. This is a common problem in water distribution systems.


This operation is an organic egg producer so our product Clearacor II (approved for organic applications) was introduced to the water distribution system at a rate of 50 ppm (1 gallon per 20,000 gallons of water). During the first week of treatment there was a dramatic increase in the ME, which was due to the Clearacor breaking up the biofilm layers. The grower flushed the lines every 24-48 hours for the first week and then moved to flushing weekly from week 2 through week 4. At the end of week 2, the ME was negligible (more than 99.99% reduction). The customer commented that the cartridge filters normally plugged up with biofilm and slime on a weekly basis, now they appear to have very little material on them and are lasting much longer. More importantly, water flow was restored to normal function and the water quality improved to a very high level.